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Our company is rooted in quality in construction, supplies, and methods.

Z Squared, LLC is changing the landscape of the East coast with our attractive and sturdy projects. Steel is one of the most sustainable substances to use in the building process. Let us help you select the best products for your situation.

About Z Squared LLC

While steel is hard, incredibly durable, and gives lasting results when it comes to buildings, it is also something that many general contractors are less familiar with. Our team utilizes our 100+ years of combined experience to deliver the right level of skill and expertise for your next building project.

We appreciate honesty and integrity in our line of work. We are quality contractors who utilize great suppliers to ensure that every step of our process is done with the best results in mind. We work with a variety of different types of buildings, including metal storage buildings, commercial metal and steel buildings, and other construction projects to ensure that every step is done with care and precision.